An Interview With Shaelin Bishop

Chris recently sat down with Shaelin from Shaelin Writes and the Reedsy YouTube channel. In this week’s bonus video, Chris interviewed Shaelin (from the traditional publishing world) about the advantages of pursuing a BFA and possibly an MFA. Check out the video below for the interview as well as Shaelin’s interview with Chris about the…

Why Authors Love World Anvil

In this week’s video, Chris talks about a tool called World Anvil, which can help with world building for your novel. It is especially useful for Science Fiction and Fantasy authors, but also for any author wanting a tool for world building. Check out what Chris has to say about it in the video!

The Power of NO

Everyone has problems juggling their time at some point or another. In today’s video, Chris talks about his struggle to do so as an author. How do you balance being productive with not being so productive that you burn yourself out? For Chris, part of this is saying NO. Watch the video below to hear…